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Harcourts Tasmania Annual Awards 2018

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Top Office Revenue

Winner: Harcourts Signature


Property Management Excellence Award

Winner: Harcourts Signature 


Property Management Business Development Award

Winner: Harcourts Signature 


Top Property Consultants

6th Place: Brendon Campbell (Harcourts Signature - Rosny Park)

7th Place: Candice Gottschalk (Harcourts Signature - Rosny Park)

8th Place: Jerome Thiessen (Harcourts Signature - Rosny Park)

15th Place: Leah Westmoreland (Harcourts Signature - Rosny Park)

19th Place (equal): Damien Hollingsworth (Harcourts Signature - Northern Suburbs)

19th Place (equal): Patrick Noisier (Harcourts Signature - New Town)


Top Marketing Budget

Winner: Patrick Noisier (Harcourts Signature - New Town)


REIT 25 Years of Service to the Industry Award

Greg Gottschalk (Harcourts Signature - Rosny Park)


REIT 10 Years of Service to the Industry Award

Brendon Campbell (Harcourts Signature - Rosny Park)


Harcourts Graduating Future Leaders

Damien Hollingsworth (Harcourts Signature - Northern Suburbs)


Harcourts Foundation 2018


In 2008, Harcourts asked one simple question “How can we better support the local communities that have supported us?” This one question led to the establishment of The Harcourts Foundation. Since then The Harcourts Foundation has raised over $4.6 million, has assisted hundreds of charitable organisations throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA, and has helped literally thousands of people in need. Here is a short video of some of things we’ve been able to contribute to in the past year.


Agents of Change

by Apple Inc.

A collection of customised iPad and iPhone apps play a critical role in helping international real estate company Harcourts sell over 46,000 properties each year. Focused on streamlining previously time-consuming tasks, the impact the apps have had on staff mobility and productivity has helped the company not only win more business, but build its brand as a leader in innovation and a great place to work. 

Harcourts Apple Recognition

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